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Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Music

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Jerry Goldsmith

The Final Frontier might not feature the most famous score in Star Trek history, but it does the job—and then some.

The score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith. Goldsmith previously composed the score for Star Trek: The Motion Picture as well as the subsequent television series, Star Trek: The Next Generation. Outside of Star Trek, Goldsmith is a legendary composer with a career spanning 50 years, winning one Academy Award and earning a handful of Grammy nominations in the process.

All of your favorites are here. You've got your triumphant main Star Trek theme, in multiple variations. You've got your upbeat numbers for action scenes. Goldsmith even takes bits of his work from Star Trek: The Motion Picture and expands upon them here, such as his theme for the Klingon warrior Klaa. Although The Final Frontier doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel, it does provide more than enough tasty soundtrack goodness to keep you satisfied.

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