Study Guide


  • Introduction

    Have you ever come across a rule that you thought was majorly stupid? Like really stupid. Like so stupid you had know idea how a sane person could come up with such a thing. Like so stupid that you eventually decided that the person who came up with the rule clearly wasn't sane. So, you were like, "Whatevs..." and broke the rule, nevermind the consequences. And then, when you got busted (because that always seems to happen) you took your punishment, but were still like, "Whatevs, it was a stupid, insane rule anyway."

    Chances are your version of this scenario isn't quite as extreme as what we've just described, but we figure most people out there have found themselves in a somewhat similar situation. Maybe you broke your way-too-early curfew, maybe you jaywalked when there were absolutely no cars in sight, or maybe you went on a crime spree and did both of these in one day. (Scandalous!) Whatever the case, you came across a rule you didn't agree with, and knowingly broke it. If this is the case, you'll have no trouble connecting with Antigone, a rebel girl who wasn't afraid to break laws she thought were wrong.