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Callisto Exile

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Callisto faces one type of exile after another in this story. First, she's exiled by her beloved goddess, Artemis, when Artemis finds out she's pregnant. Artemis's brand of exile is particularly harsh because it also separates Callisto from her own species by forcing her to live out the rest of her days as a she-bear in the wilderness. Then, in the end, Zeus saves Callisto from being killed by her hunter son, Arcas, by placing them both in the sky as constellations. While this is meant as a reward of sorts, it's also another kind of exile. Callisto may have a great view of earth, but she'll never set foot (or paw) on it again.

Questions About Exile

  1. What different types of exile does Callisto face? Is one kind better or worse than the other?
  2. Does Callisto deserve her exile? Why, or why not?
  3. People have done some pretty important things while in exile. Heck, even Ovid.
  4. Does anything positive come out of Callisto's exiles?

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