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Cephalus and Procris

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Q: What do you get when you combine a hunky husband, a seductive vixen, and a deserted wife?
A: The Real Housewives of Olympus.

Don't think Greek mythology can live up to the drama on today's reality shows and soap operas? Check out the myth of Cephalus and Procris, the story of a dude who's kidnapped by a hot and bothered goddess who can't keep her hands off him. When she finally decides to let him out of her lusty clutches, she makes him suspicious of his wife's fidelity. So, he decides to put on a disguise and seduce his wife as another man...

Dun dun dun!

What will happen? Will the wife give in? Will the cycle of suspicion destroy their relationship? Tune in next week...

Oh wait, you don't have to tune in next week, you can just Shmoop ahead and find out all the details of this steamy story right now. Enjoy—and don't flip the channel during commercials.

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Mockumentary, Doll Style
Not quite a profession production, but this kid-made version is a pretty fun watch.

Get Some Class
Check out the classiest opera house ever with this clip of Céphale et Procris, the opera by Jaquet de le Guerre.


Metamorphoses for Your Lobes
You don't even have to read the story in Ovid's Metamorphoses if you don't feel like it; just listen to it here. Makes for a more authentic experience anyway.


Truly Epic
Mysterious English poet Thomas Edwards busts out an epic poem about the unlucky couple in this collection.

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