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Hero and Leander

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Hero and Leander might not be muses, but their story has inspired all kinds of artists and adoring fans for thousands of years. Why? For starters, it's a super romantic love story—full of big emotions, searing passion, and secret rendezvous. (Steamy!) Even if you don't like this kind of stuff, all you have to do is check out 99% of TV and film ever created—like ever—and you'll see that it's drenched in this kind of passion.

Not satisfied with love and romance? How about some tragedy for you? We humans like watching people fall in love, sure. But for whatever reason, we also like crying with them when it all goes wrong. Don't believe us? Then you tell us why Romeo and Juliet is one of the most beloved stories of all time. Just sayin'.

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Hero and Leander Resources

Movie or TV Productions

Old School
Apparently, somebody made a short film version of the myth way back in 1910. Old? Yes. But it's nothing compared to the origins of the actual myth.


Music Videos, Myth Style
Hero and Leander would have made a killer the band. And these guys knew it.

The myth gets the musical theater treatment in this video, featuring the song "Hero and Leander" from Myths and Hymns.


Free Marlowe
Get an earful of all of Marlowe and Chapman's poem, "Hero and Leander."

Hero or Heroine?
Take a listen to Ovid's Heroides, including the chunk about our favorite doomed lovers.

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