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Spotter's Guide

Whoa, you’re looking for Medea? We don’t get a lot of requests for her. She’s most famous for killing her own children after her husband, Jason, left her for another woman. She did have a right to be ticked off, but that just seems more than a little overboard. Anyway, she was a mortal, so you’ll have to take a shuttle down to the Underworld if you want to have a chat. But be careful. She’s a really good sorceress with a really bad temper, so you definitely don’t want to get on her bad side.

Sex: Female
Age: Middle-aged
Build: Thin
Complexion: Pale
Hair Color: Black
Facial Hair: None
Scars/marks/tattoos: None
Jewelry and accessories: Cauldron
Clothing: Dark robes
Armor: None
Type of Weapon: Magic, spells, potions

Typical Companions:

Everybody is afraid of her, so… no one

Known Hangouts:

The Underworld Magic Shop

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