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Nun - Creators Club

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Creators Club

Lots of gods and goddesses are creative, but only a chosen few are recognized as good enough to join the Creators Club. As one of the oldest and most respected creators, Nun gets to vote on nominees for each year's new class. This year, the CC invited trio to join their elite crew.


After verifying some myths, the Norse god Odin got accepted into this year's pledge group. He created the first humans, Ask and Embla, with help from two other gods, and he also helped in creating Midgard, the world humans live in. Odin's wisdom, and his talents at poetry and joke-telling, are always welcome at CC meetings.

Hephaestus (Vulcan)

While Hera's son Hephaestus never created humans or an entire world, he's arguably the best craftsman the group's ever seen, though Nun's buddy Ptah gives him a run for his money. One of the things this Greek Olympian likes creating, however, makes Nun keep his distance: fiery, water-evaporating volcanoes.

Enki (Ea)

This year's Mesopotamian nominee for the CC was Enki (or Ea, though nobody's sure how to pronounce that). He's rocking a sexy beard and a talented pair of hands, but what he's best at doing is creating work… for other gods. Legend has it that humans were created at Enki's orders, because Enki's family complained that they had too much work to do.

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