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Nun - The H2Os

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The H2Os

Nun is water—the first water that ever was. So all of these gods, in a way, are all part of him. At the same time, they're all themselves, sharing time at the pool, the beach, the river, or anywhere else they can have a good water balloon fight!

Manannán mac Lir

He's on a boat, in the middle of the Blessed Isles. This Irish sea god's parties are legendary, and they never take place far from the sea. Bottoms up!


He's the crocodile lurking in the Nile, and as Sobek-Ra, he's also a form of the creator god that rose out of the Nun to make Egypt. Nun would be a bad friend to disinvite one of his oldest friends from his favorite clique.


Who's the hunky dude with the big beard and trident, hanging out with a pile of mermaids and nymphs in the school pool? That'd be Poseidon, Zeus's brother. He's not only one of this clique's officers, but he's managed to convince most of his extended family to join the club—and pay their dues with all those riches from the bottom of the sea. Sweet!

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