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Pan (Faunus) - Party Animals

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Party Animals

You barely ever see any of these guys in the daytime, because they're out all night doing their thing. When they even bother showing up at school, they usually just skip class. You're much more likely to find them burning their report cards in the bathroom than sitting in a classroom. The life of the party at all of Dionysus' Bacchanals, Pan totally fits in with this hard-partying clique.


Being the god of wine and revelry, Dionysus is definitely the ringleader of this group. This god is most famous for his wild Bacchanals in which everybody gets drunk and crazy—all to be closer to him. Sometimes these parties get seriously wild, resulting in bloody violence and ritual sacrifice.


These best buddies of Pan can go toe to toe (hoof to hoof?) with any of the other members of this hard-partying clique. No Bacchanal would be complete without a herd of satyrs swilling wine and making out with the closest nymph. These days, satyrs are usually shown to look like Pan with the legs and horns of goats, but back in the day they were part horse instead. The one thing everybody can agree on, though, is that the satyrs know how to party.


These horse-men might just be wilder than the satyrs. Their favorite pastime is getting super drunk and carrying off every female they see. Okay, the satyrs do that too, but the centaurs are way bigger and stronger, so it just seems more out of control. The centaurs are also known for kickin' it at Dionysus' Bacchanals, though they don't attend as regularly as the Pan and the satyrs do.


These female followers of Dionysus are as wild as it gets. They're known for drinking and dancing until they reach a state of total ecstasy. Sometimes they even have super strength while under the influence of their god and can do crazy stuff like rip a person's head off with their bare hands. (Don't believe us? Check out The Bacchae by Euripides.)


This Hindu god has a ton of different aspects and incarnations, and he's still worshiped by millions of people. Like our buddy Dionysus, he's associated with hedonism and the pursuit of pleasure—and what's a good party without a little hedonism? Also true to his Greek friend, Shiva has big groups of women followers who party all night until they reach a state of ecstasy. But just like the Bacchic rituals, these gatherings aren't just for recreation; they are sacred celebrations. Sometimes Shiva holds back, but he also knows how to party with the best of 'em.

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