Study Guide

Venus and Adonis Characters

  • Adonis

    Adonis was the biggest hottie ever – kind of like if Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt had a baby. (We wonder if Angelina would adopt that kid.) Anyway, Adonis was such a hunk that even Venus (Aphrodite) goddess of love, just couldn't get enough. To this day, the name Adonis is synonymous with male beauty. If you ever hear somebody say, "Wow, he's an Adonis!" now you know what they're talking about.

    The Phoenicians and other Middle Eastern cultures actually thought of Adonis as a full-blown god, unlike the Greeks and Romans who thought of him as a mortal. For more on the worship of the hunk of all hunks, click here.

  • Venus (Aphrodite)

    What do you get when the goddess of love gets with the hottest guy in the world? Trouble. Venus (Aphrodite) was the goddess of love, beauty, and procreation. As you might expect from a goddess of these things, she had a wild and crazy love life. Of course, even though Adonis was only one of her many lovers, the tale of their affair is one of most famous of all the goddess's romantic exploits. It seems like she just never got over that beautiful boy.

    Want to know more about Venus and find out what Adonis posts on her Wall? Click here.

  • Myrrha

    Myrrha is Adonis' mom – not that he ever knew her. You see, Myrrha fell in love with her father, and with a little help from her nurse, she tricked her father into sleeping with her. Myrrha was horrified by her behavior, but couldn't seem to help herself. (Venus might have even cursed her into loving her own dad. See our "Summary" for the details.) After sleeping with her dad and becoming pregnant, Myrrha begged the gods to punish her. One god did just that, and turned her into a tree. Baby Adonis was delivered from the tree, so he never knew his mother.

  • Cinyras

    Cinyras is Adonis' dad … and grandpa. You see, Adonis' mom, Myrrha, fell in love with her own father. She even managed to trick her father into sleeping with her, and that's how she conceived Adonis. Cinyras, though, was an innocent victim. When he realized what he had done, he was completely horrified.