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Venus and Adonis Sex

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There's no doubt about it, sex is definitely a major theme in the myth of "Venus and Adonis." From Myrrha's lust for her own father, to Venus's wild passion for Adonis, this tale is full of fire. Throughout, however, the characters' sexual escapades only bring tragedy to their lives. Myrrha ends up almost getting sliced apart by her own father and is only saved by being turned into a tree, while Venus ends up grieving for all eternity over the loss of her young lover. The myth of "Venus and Adonis" seems to ask a question: Is there any such thing as safe sex?

Questions About Sex

  1. Do you think the story is making any kind of blanket statement about sex? Explain your answer.
  2. Is Myrrha's father in anyway to blame for what happened between him and his daughter? Why, or why not?
  3. Does the story of "Venus and Adonis" depict sex as a good or bad thing? Why do you think so?

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