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Animal Farm

Animal Farm


by George Orwell

Squealer (a pig) Timeline and Summary

  • Squealer works with Napoleon and Snowball to develop Animalism, and then starts justifying and declaring. Let's make a chronological list He:
  • justifies the pigs taking all the milk,
  • justifies Napoleon's taking over the farm,
  • explains Napoleon's interest in building the windmill,
  • justifies Napoleon's engaging in trade and blames Snowball for problems,
  • justifies the pigs moving into the farmhouse,
  • declares that Snowball was in league with Jones,
  • explains that "Beasts of England" is abolished and introduces a new song instead,
  • convinces the animals that things are better now than they were before,
  • convinces the animals that Snowball was never awarded "Animal Hero, First Class,"
  • tries to convince Boxer that the Battle of the Windmill was a victory,
  • declares that Napoleon is dying of his hangover,
  • re-paints the Commandments (and falls off a ladder in the process),
  • convinces the animals that their lives are better now than they were before,
  • declares that Boxer is to be sent to the hospital,
  • spins a story to explain the van that took Boxer to his death,
  • and, like all the other pigs, walks on two legs.