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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

Brave New World Chapter 4: Part 1 Summary

  • On her way out of the building, Lenina shares an elevator with many Alpha males, most of whom she's slept with.
  • Bernard is in the elevator, and she makes a big deal out of publicly discussing their plans for a date. Bernard blushes and doesn't want to talk about it in public.
  • We catch a glimpse of the elevator man, an "Epsilon-Minus-Semi-Moron" whose only happiness in life is the moment when the elevator gets to the roof, so that he can go, "Ah! The roof!"
  • Lenina and Bernard both depart at the roof, where helicopters are coming and going. Lenina departs while quite untactfully announcing her date with Henry.
  • Bernard is left to hang with Benito Hoover, who is so good-natured he could almost get through life without doping himself up all the time with soma. (That's what it says. We're not kidding.)
  • Anyway, Benito remarks on how Lenina is fun to have sex with. Then he eats some sex-hormone chewing-gum and leaves.
  • Cut to Lenina, who takes off with Henry Foster in his helicopter.
  • Looking below her, Lenina remarks that khaki is a horrible color. (OK, we get it, hypnopaedia works.) She adds that she's glad she's not a Gamma (which is how we know that her wearing green is not an indication of caste).
  • Then they go to play some Obstacle Golf.

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