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Brave New World

Brave New World


by Aldous Huxley

 Table of Contents

Brave New World Characters

Meet the Cast

John the Savage

John's Different WorldsJohn is like a morality sponge. He picks stuff up everywhere he goes. From Shakespeare to the Bible to the creation myths of the Reservation to the stories he hears about the...

Bernard Marx

Bernard, Bernard…what happened to you? We liked you so much when this whole thing started. You were rebellious, smart, human, and wanted more from Lenina than sex.In fact, Bernard's character is...

Helmholtz Watson

Helmholtz Watson is the George Clooney of Brave New World. In other words, Helmholtz is the Alpha male. The first time we see him, he's turning down a foursome with three women. He's got the good l...

Mustapha Mond

Mustapha spends pretty much all of his time lecturing, discoursing, dialoguing, and just plain chatting everyone up. This guy is a talker, so it's not surprising to us that Huxley makes a point of...

Lenina Crowne

All right, what is it with Lenina? First Foster, then Bernard, then John: everyone is obsessed with this woman, and honestly, it's a little hard to see why. She's not really unique, or interesting,...


Linda is possibly the most unfortunate creature in all of dystopian literature. (Although Winston and the rats in 1984… that was also pretty bad.) If John was a fun social experiment for the Worl...

The Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning

The Director is a little bit of a plot device, which is why there isn't too much to say about him. In the first few chapters, he's a great excuse for Huxley to talk all about the World State and ba...

Henry Foster

Henry is a lot like the male version of Fanny Crowne. He's our view into the life of a typical upper caste male living in the World State. But most of all, Henry is obsessed with numbers. When we f...

Fanny Crowne

Fanny is basically the female version of Henry Foster; an example of what a normal woman is like in the brave new world. Since we as readers are interested in the exceptions—Bernard, Helmholtz, L...
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