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Odds of Hanging On

Two words: Corey Feldman. Two more words: Elizabeth Berkley.

While you're there, you might want to see if they're hiring. (Source)

If you're saying who?, that's kind of our point. Even if you do happen to stumble into something wonderful, it doesn't mean there's any guarantee you're going to be remembered a year from now. 

Many actors get a part on a TV show or in a movie and feel like they've made the Big Time. They spend money like it's nobody's business, buying an expensive car and renting a luxurious apartment—and suddenly their show is canceled, their money is gone, and they're back to being the Starbucks barista getting your name wrong again. Sounds like everything you've ever dreamed of, right?

Even the biggest Hollywood stars can fade into oblivion, as evidenced by all of those "You won't believe where So-and-So ended up" clickbait links you see on gossip sites.

If you can put up with the constant rejection, financial uncertainty, long hours, disappointment, and the emotional roller-coaster that is your career, and still get into the car/bus/taxi to get to the audition, you'll be just fine.

So long as people like you, that is.