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Bell Curve


Culinary School Dropout. Salary: $20,000 

You show up fifteen minutes late at Susie's eighth birthday party. The rental oven you're working with short circuits, so you have to serve all the kids cold hot dogs for lunch. On top of that, when you decorated the cake, you spelled the kid's name wrong. Even the clown can't manage to smile, and that's kind of his job.


Novice Hospitalitor. Salary: $40,000 

You've landed a few big catering gigs and they've gone off without a hitch. People from these events are calling you about catering their own. You're even busy enough to hire an additional prep cook. It feels good to not peel potatoes, break down garlic, or slice onions yourself.


Popular Planner. Salary: $60,000 

The bills have been paid for a change, and you have enough saved to buy that catering van you've been wanting. Unfortunately, the dealership only has bright orange vans available. You decide that you can buy it like that and have it painted later. Maybe you can get a tiger-themed event out of it first.


Chef-Owner. Salary: $80,000 

You've landed a deal to be the exclusive caterer for a major entertainment venue. You're busy most of the year, and can afford to hire two more prep cooks, which gives you some time off. You decide this is probably the best time to buy a bigger fridge at home as well because all the leftover pastries you have.


Brand Name Event Coordinator. Salary: $100,000 

You've expanded into a larger kitchen and are catering a black tie affair for a massive award ceremony. You and your menu end up being two of the biggest winners of the night. The celebs are raving about your bacon cream puff pie. You even get to hold one of the awards—please try not to get any bacon grease on it.