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Bell Curve


Your Japanese wedding gig is a disaster. People are being rushed to the hospital for blowfish poisoning. This blows.


You've landed a few big catering gigs and they have gone off without a hitch. People from these events are calling you about catering their own. You are even busy enough to hire an additional prep cook. It feels good to not peel potatoes, breakdown garlic, or slice onions. It's certainly saving you a lot of tears.


Bills are paid for a change and you have enough saved to buy that catering van you've been wanting to purchase without worrying about the next paycheck. Now your only concern is finding one in your favorite color—Peacock Blue.


You have landed a deal to be the exclusive caterer for a venue. You're busy most of the year, and can afford to hire two more prep cooks, which gives you some time off. Ideally, you would like to vacation somewhere that doesn't have any food. (We're thinking outer space?)


You have expanded into a larger kitchen and are catering a black tie affair for the Oscars. Plus, you were just interviewed by a show on the Food Network. Foodies are raving about your bacon cream puff pie. You knew you struck gold with that one.