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Physical Danger

Don't go into the light. (Source)

Danger lurks everywhere in a kitchen. Caterers risk slicing, burning, crushing, or scalding any part of their fragile bodies with any number of dangerous pieces of kitchen equipment.

Then there's what happens on the floor (besides a magical party). Maybe you're carrying eleven glasses on a tray when you should be carrying three, and you fall over backwards and take out two guests. Or maybe you take a wrong turn on the crowded floor and crash headlong into a stack of dirty dinner plates. It might even be something as simple as wearing the wrong kind of footwear and tripping over your own foot. You just bruised your tailbone and your ego.

And let's not forget food safety. From biological hazards to proper cooking methods, food may be your biggest issue. Avoid making people sick by storing perishable food in a refrigerator and maintaining proper food handling practices. Your entire reputation is on the line every time you cater, so try not to leave a trail of retching, feverish individuals behind you.