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Cattle Rancher

Odds of Getting In

So, you're armed with your undergraduate degree in animal science and a burning desire to be a rancher. Visions of Alan Ladd in "Shane" dance in your head. Now what? Well, perhaps you should consider traveling back in time to get that degree in computer science instead.

The truth is that job prospects for ranchers are dismal. Seriously, they suck-suck-suckity-suck. Many small- and medium-sized ranchers have been driven out of business by commercial ranching, so where are newbie ranchers supposed to get the experience they need to go along with their degrees? Furthermore, as a recent college graduate, you're unlikely to have the capital needed to start a ranching enterprise of your own.

If you come from a ranching family, you might have a job to go back to once you finish college, but that isn't guaranteed. Many a young person born to the life finds herself nowadays with a degree in animal science and a career as a sad-sack car salesperson. At least on the car lot you can slip on your Stetson after hours, climb into that F-150, and pretend you're going to check on your herd.