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Chasing down kamikaze toddlers and washing crayon marks off the walls won't exactly make you an urban legend. You won't even get an honorable mention for cramming the most kids into your day care center (without violating the fire code, of course). However, what if your angelic little clients concocted a scheme so diabolic it belonged in a Stephen King movie? Perhaps they painted the walls with poop; or destroyed the kitchen after they locked you in the bathroom. You might snag way more than 15 minutes of fame out of this debacle—and you might even get a visit from your town's health department.

However, here's another potential ticket to day care fame: Open an exclusive facility that caters to the kids of the rich and famous. Furnish your day care center with designer kids' furniture and high-end toys. Stock the kitchen with posh gourmet gadgets and gold-plated drink-and-snack sets. Make your day care center so over-the-top ridiculous the celebrity clients are fighting to get their kids into it. Then wait for the paparazzi to show up. Hint: This might work in L.A. or New York City; not so much in small-town America.