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If you crave a career that provides you with lots of warm, fuzzy feelings, a roomful of infants and toddlers probably isn't the first option that comes to mind. However, let's look at it a bit differently. Let's say your day care center gets a little four-year-old boy with no brothers or sisters. This poor kid's social skills are in the tank, as he has no one to argue with or pound into oblivion. Fast-forward six months, however, and that frightened little boy has become a smiling, confident pre-schooler ready to take on the world. You're smiling, too—you just can't help yourself.

Imagine you're caring for a young girl whose mother is attending a full-time nursing school program. Maybe you're enabling a boy's father to complete on-the-job training for an upcoming promotion. While you're helping your young day care clients improve their social skills, you're also making it possible for their parents to improve their family's quality of life.