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Copy Editor

Odds of Getting In

Umm…not great. Unfortunately, the publishing world has experienced major turmoil in the last five years and its revenues in the industry are shrinking. Online publications are replacing newspapers and magazines. What is called "ink-on-paper" publishing is going downhill. Downhill as in escorted out of the building in a body bag. According to the Business Insider, 105 newspapers shuttered in 2009 and 10,000 newspaper jobs were lost that year. Yeesh.

To the chagrin of grammaraholics, the loss of editing jobs has resulted in a rise in errors within articles. These losses have led to the most violent assault on English language since "gangsta rap" became popular. According to The Washington Post, the publication lost 34 of its copy editors between the years 2005 through 2008. A quick perusal of online publications validates the fact that editing is not as in demand as content writers. A lot of people overlook errors made on online articles, because of the informal and low-cost production nature of the Internet.

But lest you exhale, all is not lost. Because there are so many online publications, copy editors can still find work. Some of the work may be freelance or part-time. It is important to remain flexible in this economy. We suggest yoga.