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Copy Editor

Odds of Hanging On

Get an idea of how the copy editing world is being redefined by employers by looking at job postings. Numerous companies are looking for copy editors who can perform SEO (search engine optimization). Optimizing content means that the writer uses keywords that help search engines find companies and publications. In other words, unless you are working in Sanskirt, you will almost certainly need to know how search engines work in order to perform copy editing duties.

All (okay, not all but most) companies are interested in showing up first in a search engine's ranking. How does that have anything to do with copy editing? Content must be written using keywords that facilitate the company or publication’s need for showing up high on a search engine’s page. Think about it. When was the last time you clicked through all the relevant pages that a search engine turns up for your keywords? Copy editors must adapt to changing needs. Roughly, 90% of all clicks on Google come from the first page of results. And everyone wants to be in the click clique.