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Average Salary: $76,950

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $3,212,000

Your title is "Financial Analyst"—what do you think? Yes, you make a very, very good living. If you are going to be such an expert on money, one would hope that you've figured out a way for some of it to wander over into your own wallet. A brand new FA out of a "mint" MBA program (Harvard, Stanford, maybe Wharton, maybe maybe Columbia, and not too many others get you jobs) makes $150k or so to start. A top dawg FA at a big bank makes millions. And that's LOW compared to their brethren who quit the FA job after five years, joined a hedge fund, bet big on the roulette wheel #32, and won. Bottom line: The money is awesome if you are good. And if you aren't, you can have a great life as a CFO of a smaller company that maybe some day gets big.