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Investment Banker

Odds of Hanging On

The gig goes in stints. The first year is usually pretty secure—some get fired at the end but they have to really screw up to be dumped. By the end of year two almost everyone just leaves to go to grad school. So there's a natural siphon there. By the time you come back after biz school, you'll be almost 30 and more or less know what you want in life, at least for a while. So if you get the gig, the presumption is that you’ll know that you have to…sell. If your clients love you, you'll last more or less forever / until they carry you out in a box, loafers on. And if you wash out, say, after 5 years when you learn that your clients DON'T in fact love you…then you'll be more than qualified to be a CFO at a smaller or even decent sized company. Tons of other gigs are out there that will tickle you. Wanna try to be a money manager? (Most fail, many will try.) Wanna just do something random? Odds are good you have a really high CPU brain and can learn almost any basic business skill. Come to think of it, your father did always hope you'd follow in his footsteps, and be in charge of sorting incoming letters in the mailroom.