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Odds of Hanging On

As long as good information never goes out of style, librarians will have job security. They may ply their trade in another guise—"media specialist," "information technician," "content coordinator"—but they know who they are.

They're librarians.

As long as there are friends settling bets, there will be librarians who can supply the answer that nets the winner the jackpot.

As long as there are "Trivial Pursuit" tournaments, there will be lifelines to, in many cases, librarians.

As long as people exist who wouldn't know a fact if it hit them over the head, there will be librarians, at the ready, to lift them out of their slough of ignorance.

So if you can put up with the stress of dealing with your less-well-informed fellow human beings and the often-frustrating lack of full employment, you can hang in there.