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Dinosaurs may have been kings and queens of the Cretaceous Period, but how much power do the people who dig up their bones have?

You'll get to decide how to structure your research projects, then you'll either perform that research yourself or have an assistant do the grunt work while you lounge around in a hammock. (You should try to make it that latter option.)

Unfortunately, you don't have any power over the research results. You could spend months hacking away at a promising fossil deposit, only to be disappointed by fossilized dust where your subject's bones should have been.

Even though you won't have somebody breathing down your neck all day, you can't run wild on your employer's budget. You could also have your funding frozen—pending a departmental review, for example. If you ordered $15,000 worth of takeout on the company credit card, we don't think blaming it on the dinosaur is going to work.