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Bell Curve


One of your parolees just shot you in the leg and escaped. This is going to look bad on your résumé and in your medical history report.


You send a parolee back to prison before he is able to commit a planned heist that you caught wind of. You totally went all Criminal Minds on that guy.


You've had more parolees improve their lives this year than follow down a path of crime. Your method of taking parolees fresh out of prison straight to the circus seems to be working.


You have managed to meet all deadlines, complete all paperwork, and check in with over five parolees a day for over a year. You are promoted to "manager" at your office. You are now wearing your "current parole officer rock star" badge.


One of your parolees has transformed his life and started a non-profit that helps offenders transition back into society. He tells you that you were his biggest influence. Aw. You've never even had such a special moment with any of your kids.