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With your help, an offender can turn their entire life around. For both the good and the bad. You are meeting them at a pivotal moment, and what they do with this second chance they have been given will determine their future. It can feel pretty powerful to hold that kind of influence over another person, but it's also stressful. Most of the time, people do not get into this career to feel powerful over another human being. Instead, they get into it because it's a way of contributing to society. It’s like being a social worker, detective, and police officer rolled up in one (but without the level of respect of a single one of them).

You do have a say when it comes to a parolee's future. A bad report or testimony at a parole board meeting can send them back to prison. Parole officers use their judgment and intuition. If there is something shady going on, they have to investigate. Trench coat and oversized magnifying glass not required.