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A Border Patrol Agent may be locally famous to other Border Patrol Agents—maybe even to certain members of the community—but that's about it. Even if you conduct a major drug bust, the government generally doesn't want your name in the newspapers. The U.S. Customs Service isn't in the habit of creating celebrities (or assassination targets) out of its employees.

If you're still hankering to see those agents who "made it," a trip down to the Border Patrol Museum in El Paso, Texas, can open your eyes. Besides hosting actual historical equipment and medals, the museum is dedicated to those legendary agents who have worked hard to protect the U.S. these last hundred years. 

You'll learn about the big kahunas of the Border Patrol world—people like Agent Don Chuy, a name that will get a lot of perked ears within the law enforcement world. Chuy's ability to work his way undercover into Mexican cartels allowed him to take down massive drug rings and confiscate $57 million worth of drugs.

This means you have a target to hit if you want to be famous. Let us know when you get to 58 million and we'll give the papers a call.