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Border Patrol Agent

Physical Danger

Patrolling the border is an extremely dangerous job. You have to worry about desperate people trying to cross the border, drug cartels…even hungry coyotes. And most of those coyotes are not carrying valid documentation.

Agents carry pistols, which are no match for anyone hiding a shotgun. Drug dealers and other criminals do not lack preparation when it comes to bringing firearms. Not having a firearm doesn’t seem to stop would-be crossers either. There is a violent practice known as "rocking." Numerous agents have been severely hurt by large rocks that were thrown at their heads. In fact, there was one instance where a rock thrown by an individual took down a helicopter. Eat your heart out, Michael Bay.

If you are afraid of getting hurt, this isn't the job for you. To be a Border Patrol Agent, you cannot constantly curb your actions out of fear of being killed or you will not be able to perform your job to the greatest extent of your ability. Not that you should be reckless either. You need to find a middle ground. As long as that ground is on U.S. soil.