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Average Salary: $70,910

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $1,664,000

Agents start making money as soon as they begin to train at the Border Patrol Academy. In addition to the pay, agents receive free lodging, meals, and a daily allowance. Their allowance is slightly more than what you are getting currently. And they don’t even have to mow the lawn.

Once their training is complete, they start to pull in the big bucks. Border patrol agents start making between 40-50k a year based on the level that they were initially hired into. There are several possible levels for entry patrol agents: GL-5, GL-7, or GL-9. "GL" doesn’t stand for "Good Luck," but it might as well. They are going to need all the luck they can get.

New agents are hired into a level based on their probationary examination. Also, border patrol agents make more money if they are stationed in an area that has a high cost of living. Those living in San Diego make more money than those in Yuma, Arizona.

In addition, agents are quickly promoted after they have completed their first year. It's possible after only three years to be making upwards of 70k, which includes overtime. Overtime is a pretty big deal at the Border Patrol. Most agents work in the neighborhood of 60 hours a week, with their compensation being 10 to 25 percent additional pay for any overtime worked. Agents working nightshifts make more money as well. Almost enough to turn you into a nocturnal workaholic, isn’t it?

Clearly gunning for a promotion.

Need a new uniform? Agents also receive $1,500 in uniform allowance. You won't have to think twice about eating barbecue in your uniform. Although you'd rather not have to buy new rags every time you lose the handle on a chicken drumstick.