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Can you manage 200 phone calls, six meetings, five Skype calls, and three athletes' bossy mothers….all in a day? When the negotiations go on for hours and hours (and hours) in a small stuffy conference room, can you keep your cool? What if those hours and hours were all about your client, Michael Vick?

Can you separate your personal life from your business life (even when that seems impossible)? Will your loved ones understand when you’ve got to miss yet another birthday party/graduation ceremony/wedding/bris? (Okay, so that last one may be worth your family's wrath….)

So many questions and really, if you want to be a sports agent, only one answer: Yes.

And when you're just starting out, you will most likely need a second or even a third job to keep some income flowing while you’'re making contacts and figuring out this bold new world you've jumped into. Can you handle that?

The payoffs of being a successful sports agent can be great. So can the stresses that go along with it. What's it worth to you?