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Toy designers have one of the most important and benevolent powers in the world: the power to make children happy. Think back to your favorite memories involving toys from your childhood. A toy designer was responsible for that.

Besides the huge amount of power bringing happiness can entail, toy designers also study the way children play and learn, and their creations can influence the development of young minds and social skills. 

Toys designed to be shared can create either sandbox saints or tire swing tyrants. So, when you think about it...toy designers are pretty much responsible for all of the good and evil which exists in the world. No pressure.

Even if you work in a dark, shadowy workshop, try to only use your powers for good. (Source)

Speaking of evil, have you ever seen the look on a parent's face when their kid opens a new toy and finds out it makes all sorts of loud, obnoxious noises? 

You have the power to cause those expressions of gut-wrenching dismay. The parent will slowly lose their sanity to the beeps, boops, zips, and sirens, and you'll cackle from far away in your workshop.

Hey—we said you should try to preserve the joy and innocence of children, nothing about the parents.