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Average Salary: $64,180

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $2,679,000

Toy Designer salaries vary wildly, because many rely on the popularity of the toys they create. An average toy designer will enter the job market with a salary in the low 30s, but that number can move up quickly, especially if the toys you create sell well. The average take home pay for a toy designer with a design firm is around $55k a year, with top toy designers making close to double that.

Independent toy designers have earnings which are totally dependent on the selling power of their creations. Because independent designers are not paid a salary, they risk actually losing money by investing in the design of a toy which never sells or sells poorly. However, they also usually earn royalties based on the sales of a product, so if they develop a toy that becomes riotously successful, their earnings can skyrocket while the toy continues to sell.