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Vegas Dealer

Bell Curve


You were just too tempted by those giant stacks of chips in front of you, and one day you tried scooping a stack of the $500s into your pants pocket in hopes that the cameras wouldn't catch you. Um…they're cameras. What were you hoping—that they'd be asleep?


You deal blackjack at a small casino in Laughlin, Nevada, a couple hours outside of Vegas. Your clientele consists mostly of 80-year-old + retirees who take twenty minutes to play a hand and might drop dead at any moment. At least this job is making you appreciate life more.


You've been dealing table games at a casino in Atlantic City for the past couple of years. You do a good job, make decent tips, and are starting to become a fixture in the establishment. The one regular who always used to call you "Joey" has even finally figured out that your name is "Brian."


You have been dealing at the Rio for years, and have a solid reputation. You get to deal the World Series of Poker every year, earning yourself tons of television exposure and some very nice tips. Better than the tips you used to get from your dad, anyway. ("Get a real job!")


You deal high stakes poker at the Bellagio. When you get a tip from these high rollers, it's serious money. Which is awesome, because you're… serious about money.