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Some players think that you have some kind of meta-power over the cards à la Gambit or that you're controlling a mechanism that makes the ball land on any space but the one they bet on. The truth is you're just showing players the hand they're dealt. Hey, if they want to believe you've got some kind of supernatural ability, we say let 'em. They'll be more likely to thank you if they win.

This is because you have a lot of real emotional power over the players at your table. Depending on the turn of a card, they can have their dreams made or crushed, and you're the one who tells them about it. In actuality, you're merely the messenger—and let's hope no one shoots you for it.

In terms of the casino hierarchy, you're ranked just below showgirl—although thankfully you're wearing a work-appropriate tie instead of a skirt made of feathers. You're told what tables to work, when to work them, for how long, and what level of clientele (low-ballers or high-rollers) you'll be dealing with.

The way in which you must deal each game is exacting and demanding—and there are cameras everywhere you look that are recording your every action and making sure your performance is up to snuff. Just keep your hands out of your pockets and the bosses will leave you alone, and don't try any funny business (you know what we mean).