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The Civil War Photos

Feast on some eye candy with our The Civil War slideshow.

Check out our full-size images of The Civil War photos, art, and paintings.

Abraham Lincoln
William Tecumsah Sherman
Older William Tecumsah Sherman
Robert E. Lee
Jefferson Davis
Ulysses S. Grant
McClellan and His Wife
Custer and His Wife Elizabeth
Cotton Plantation
Slaves on a Plantation
Slave Auctions
Civil War Household
Confederate Money
Pennsylvania Officers
Black and White Soliders
Life in the Tents
4th Colored Infantry
6th Maine Infantry
Young Confederate Soldier
Bull Run Monument
Confederate Husband and Wife
Confederate Solider
A Young Union Soldier
Another Young Union Soldier
Wounded Soldiers
Civil War Hospital
The Saint Louis
Ford's Theatre
John Wilkes Booth
Hanging the Conspirators
Grenville Dodge
Alexander Stephens
Abraham Lincoln, by Healy
Lincoln's Wife
Lincoln during the War
Where Lee Surrendered
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