Die Heuning Pot Literature Guide
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Quote #4

Alone I cannot longer bide
The oppressive strain of strength-o'ermastering woe. (119-120)

Yet Electra seems to derive strength, when the time comes, from the false news of Orestes's death. Finding out that she must bear the burden alone somehow gives her the strength to do so.

Quote #5

Oh, of all love
That ever may you move,
This only boon I crave--
Leave me to rave! (134-6)

Electra wants to be alone. She feels her duty to her father is better served in solitude.

Quote #6

Orphaned I pine without protecting care;
And like a sojourner all unregarded
At slave-like labour unrewarded
I toil within my father's hall
Thus meanly attired, and starved, a table-serving thrall. (189-192)

Though Orestes was exiled and Electra stayed behind, she ends up a foreigner to greater degree than her brother in many ways.

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