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Medusa definitely isn't going to win any beauty pageants. She and her Gorgon sisters, Euryale and Stheno, are totally revolting. They have snakes for hair, for Pete's sake, and anyone who looks them in the eyes instantly turns into stone. (Yeah, that’s about as ugly as it gets.) Medusa became famous when the hero Perseus chopped off her head (with a little help from the goddess Athena).

Basic Information

NicknameMedousa, Gorgon Medusa, Dussy, Medussssssa
Current cityI refuse to release my current location. Some stupid hero might try to behead me (again).

Work & Education

OccupationBeing a hideous monster (but seeking new employment)


Religious viewsPeople should be free to worship any gods or goddesses they please (except for Athena).

Family & Friends (& Enemies)

ParentsPhorkys and Keto, or maybe Gorgo and Keto
SiblingsThe Gorgons
The Graeae
FriendsMy sister Gorgons, Euryale and Stheno
Anyone who hates Athena, including Arachne and the Crow
EnemiesAthena, who turned me into a monster
Poseidon, who got me into this monster mess to begin with
Perseus, who beheaded me


Relationship statusSingle. I once had a fling with Poseidon, but then Athena turned my hair into snakes. It kind of put a bad taste in my mouth for romance.
Interested inMen to add to my growing sculpture collection


Quotations"In this business, until you're known as a monster you're not a star." 
– Bette Davis

"All changed, changed utterly:
a terrible beauty is born."
– William Butler Yeats

"Whether life's disabilities
Left you outcast, bullied, or teased
Rejoice and love yourself today"
– Lady Gaga, Born this Way

"A lot of life is dealing with your curse, dealing with the cards you were given that aren't so nice. Does it make you into a monster, or can you temper it in some way, or accept it and go in some other direction?"
– Wes Craven

"Every woman is supposed to have the same set of motives, or else to be a monster." 
– George Eliot

"I think you have to know who you are. Get to know the monster that lives in your soul, dive deep into your soul and explore it." 
–Tori Amos

"The strictest law sometimes becomes the severest injustice." 
– Benjamin Franklin
BooksWicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West
Confessions of an Ugly Step-Sister
Kafka's Metamorphosis
Wide Sargasso Sea
Sleeping Ugly
Howl's Moving Castle
MusicAnything by Lady Gaga, but especially Born This Way
The Les Miserables soundtrack, especially I Dreamed a Dream and At the End of the Day
The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack, especially Learn to Be Lonely and No One Would Listen
The soundtrack to Wicked, the musical
The Funny Girl soundtrack
Monsters, Inc.
Beauty and the Beast
X-Men: First Class (I like Mystique)

Activities & Interests

LikesThe Cookie Monster
Versace (they use my face as their symbol!!!)
My snakes (they're actually pretty friendly)
Pretty flowers (Really. I like them, but nobody ever brings me any. It’s depressing.)
Ugly dolls
DislikesMirrors and other reflective surfaces
Meddling, self-righteous goddesses
Athena's aegis
Pumpernickel bread
The Percy Jackson series (okay, mainly just The Lightning Thief)
The 1981 Clash of the Titans movie
The 2010 Clash of the Titans movie
ActivitiesGiving meanies the evil eye
Stone sculpture collecting
Making corral reefs to sink ships
InterestsFeminist studies
Revisionist fairy tales and myths
GroupsDeadly Greek Monsters
Card-carrying member of he AAV (Athena's Angry Victims)
Poseidon's Ex-Lovers
Snakes are so misunderstood
"Hero" Haters
Decapitation Survivors

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