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Your Field Guide to Spotting Medusa

You want to find Medusa? Wow, that’s a seriously bad idea. She’s a Gorgon, a horrible monster with the snakes for hair. If you look her in the eyes, you’re immediately turned to stone. If you really want to find her, look for a crowd of suspiciously realistic statues, surrounding a particularly slimy sea cave. Of course, legend says that she was beheaded by the hero Perseus a long time ago, so you might not be able to find her at all.

Physical Description

Sex: Female
Age: Young-ish
Build: Fit
Complexion: Generally a bit pale to grayish due to blood loss (her head is severed)
Hair color: Green (snakes)
Facial hair: Occasionally a beard and tusks
Scars/marks/tattoos: Headless (or, more often, bodiless)
Jewelry and accessories: Do snakes for hair count?
Clothing: None
Armor: She is a bit scaly
Type of weapon: Her transfixing stare, which turns living things to stone

Typical Companions

  • Perseus, the hero who decapitated her
  • Athena, the goddess who possesses Medusa's head

Other Notes

Known hangouts: These days, you're most likely to find Medusa's head stuck on Athena's battle gear. The goddess of war uses it to terrify, even petrify, her enemies. Previously, Medusa lived in a cave with her sister Gorgons.

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