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Love's Labour's Lost

Love's Labour's Lost

Education Quotes Page 1

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

KING: Our court shall be a little Academe…(1.1.1)

The King is excited not only by the fame his court will gain from their studies, but also by the camaraderie the vow promises.

Quote #2

LONGAVILLE: I am resolv'd; 'tis but a three years' fast.
The mind shall banquet, though the body pine. (1.1.2)

This is one of many moments in which Shakespeare equates knowledge with food.

Quote #3

BEROWNE: What is the end of study, let me know.
KING: Why, that to know which else we should not know.
BEROWNE: Things hid and barr'd, you mean, from common sense? (1.1.8-10)

Berowne introduces the contrast between book learning and life experience. Keep in mind that this is an important theme in the play. Where else do we see this contrast?