by Herman Melville
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Moby-Dick Chapter 131: The Pequod meets the Delight Summary

  • The Pequod encounters another Nantucket whaling ship, the Delight. The Delight had a recent encounter with Moby Dick that left five men drowned, another dead, and a whaling boat destroyed.
  • All Ahab cares about is whether the Delight managed to kill Moby Dick, which it didn’t. He shows them his forged-in-blood harpoon and announces his quest.
  • The captain of the Delight commends Ahab to God.
  • Ahab notices that the Delight is about to bury the dead man at sea and orders the Pequod to turn away quickly – but Queequeg’s coffin is still attached to the side of the ship, so they can’t escape death.

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