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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

The Maze Runner Characters

Meet the Cast


Simple is as Simple DoesThomas is a pretty simple dude. Not quite Forrest Gump simple, but he's about as deep as the shallow end of a swimming pool. The single-mindedness with which he pursues answ...


Who's the Boss?Like Tony Danza (kinda?), Alby is the de facto leader of the Glade gang. It is a role that has been thrust upon him, due to the recent demise of the previous leader, so he's doing hi...


A Girl?Teresa has the dubious honor of being the only girl to ever enter the Glade. As such, she is treated more like an evil talisman than like a person for her entire tenure there. As soon as she...


He's So FluffyChuck is an unfortunate stereotype: the chubby, lonely kid who has always been a little left out so he just wants to be your friend. If he were a Disney character he'd be Gaston's lit...


Behind Every Great Leader is a… Teenage BoyAlby's second-in-command is one of those always-there-at-the-right-time-with-a-one-liner-and-a-slap-on-the-shoulder guys. Of mysterious origins (but let...


Why… So… Serious?From the very beginning Gally is painted as the sulking, nasty bully of the group. He vaguely remembers Thomas from the memories he regained during the Changing, and although h...


I Love You, ManMinho is a pretty sweet dude. As Keeper of the Runners he is one of the senior boys in the Glade, and for good reason. He is level-headed, brave, and intelligent, but all of these qu...


Sucks To Be You, BenOooooh Ben. Ben Ben Benny Ben Ben. Ben-sterama. The Ben-meister. Bennnnnn. What more to say about Ben? Well, he's crazy. At least after he goes through the Changing, he is. What...


Yummy, Yummy, in My TummyFrypan is the resident chef of the Glade and one of the guys who consistently sticks up for Thomas during Gatherings. He also votes in favor of making Thomas a Runner. This...


Rhymes With FartThe Keeper of the Gardens, Zart gets killed by a Griever after the Ending is triggered.

The Creators / Wicked Scientists, Ava Paige

Are You a Good Witch or a Bad Witch?Other than the fact that they are the ones who are running the whole WICKED experiment, not much is known about the Creators. They are probably the elite of soci...
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