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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner


James Dashner

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The Maze Runner Themes

The Maze Runner Themes


Manipulation might as well have been the alternative title for The Maze Runner. Everything that happens to these poor kids is a direct result of someone at one end pushing a button and then sitting...


If you think about it, memories are a pretty big deal. If breath in our lungs lets us know we're alive, then memories let us know who is alive. They're kind of defining, right? Think about it this...

Rules and Order

Part of the Killzone Experiment was to see if the kids were capable of forming an orderly society if left to their own devices, and it turns out they totally were. They created a hierarchy of jobs...


Obviously there're quite a few things to be afraid of in this story: booger monsters, the unknown, demented kids, the future, the past, the possibility of having to clean the group bathrooms. In fa...


It kind of goes without saying that when your memory is erased, so is your sense of identity. All of our characters struggle with the question of who they really are, where they come from, what exa...


Unfortunately, most things in life come at a cost, and in the case of the Gladers, sometimes that cost is a human life. Throughout the story there are examples of people giving their lives (or at l...


In the world created by Dashner the act of exploration seems to be an activity that grants a feeling of comfort and quietude. The Glade's occupants seem soothed by seeking new places despite their...

Justice and Judgment

There are a few occasions throughout the course of The Maze Runner where justice is dealt in surprising ways. Whereas the boys have constructed a solid system for placing judgment upon those accuse...

Freedom and Confinement

Obviously, all of the kids who find themselves in the Glade have been imprisoned against their will. Some adapted to it readily, thankful for the comfort that comes with knowing there's food to eat...

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