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by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight Trivia

Brain Snacks: Tasty Tidbits of Knowledge

In the Twilight film, Stephenie Meyer has a cameo appearance during the diner scene when Charlie asks Bella if she likes the boys in town. Meyer's character orders a vegetarian sandwich. (Source)

Stephenie Meyer had three sons all under the age of six while she was writing Twilight. She began writing the novel on June 2, 2003, after waking up that morning from a very vivid dream. She remembers the exact day because it coincided with the day of her boys' first swimming lesson. (Source)

Dozens of teenage girls (not to mention their mothers) camped outside Rob Pattinson's Los Angeles apartment weeks before the Twilight film was set to be released. Pattinson was cast over thousands of other actors to play Edward. He did not read the book until after he earned the role. (Source)

Stephenie Meyer has said that the rock band Muse heavily influenced her writing of Twilight. She has also said that she imagined Bella had a Linkin Park album in her CD player when Edward asked her what she had in her stereo. Linkin Park is one of Meyer's favorite bands. (Source)

At $70.6 million, Twilight claims the highest opening weekend box office gross for a film directed by a woman (Catherine Hardwicke). (Source)

Originally, Rosalie was named "Carol" and Jasper was "Ronald." (Source)

Two of Meyer's brothers helped her choose the cars that the Cullens drive. She decided on Bella's truck all by herself. (Source)

When it was published in Japan, Twilight was split into three smaller novels, which are titled "The Boy Whom I Love Is A Vampire," "Blood Tastes Sadness," and "The Vampire Family in the Darkness." (Source)

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