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Uncle Tom's Cabin

Uncle Tom's Cabin


by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Uncle Tom's Cabin Chapter 6 Summary

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  • In the morning, Mrs. Shelby wonders where Eliza is. She is normally prompt, appearing on time to help her mistress get ready for the day.
  • Mr. Shelby sends his personal slave, Andy, to find out where Eliza is.
  • Aunt Chloe, who could tell them, doesn’t say a word.
  • Finally, they find out that Eliza has run away with her child. Mrs. Shelby is visibly glad to hear the news.
  • Mr. Shelby informs Mr. Haley that Eliza has run away. When Mr. Haley suggests that Mr. Shelby might have had a hand in letting Eliza get away, Mr. Shelby replies stiffly that it is a matter of honor for him to complete his business with Mr. Haley as promised.
  • Mr. Shelby sends a slave named Black Sam to get horses ready so that Mr. Haley can go look for his property, Eliza.
  • Andy lets Sam know that "Missus" doesn’t want him to hurry. So Sam deliberately takes his time and even puts a burr under Haley’s horse’s saddle, so that the horse runs away.
  • It takes a while to catch the horse and, by the time all is ready again, it’s time for lunch.
  • Sam has successfully delayed Mr. Haley from setting out in pursuit of Eliza, giving her more time to run.

READ THE BOOK: Chapter 6

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