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Basic Geometry

Basic Geometry


1. How many faces are there on a hexagonal pyramid?𔾹
2. Approximate the area of the light blue sections.

󑴔.9 cm2

3. Find the perimeter of this figure to the nearest tenth.

󑴘.3 cm

4. Find the volume of a cube, where each side has a perimeter of 12 cm.󑴣 cm3
5. Find the surface area of a cube where each side has a perimeter of 12 cm.󑴾 cm3
6. What is the volume of this trapezoidal prism?

�.75 cm3

7. What is the surface area of this trapezoidal prism?

� cm2

8. Find the area of this section of a circle to the nearest tenth.

󑴔.7 cm2

9. You are building a simple dollhouse for your little sister. Here is the sketch you made:

You will paint the sides, top, and back, but not the front or bottom, pink, her favorite color. How many square inches of paint do you need?� in2

10. The length of the diagonal of this square is 9.9 cm. Use the Pythagorean theorem to approximate the length of the sides to the nearest tenth.

𔾼.0 cm

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