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Accountant, Certified and Public

Odds of Getting In

Pretty darn good. That is the advantage of going after a largely segmented careerthat is, the Average Joe has less than no desire to do it. It isn't glamorous. It is "quiet wealth" and income certainty (like what are the odds that people don't have to pay taxes any more?). To find the gig interesting, you have to be “born numeric,” a kind of controlling maybe even anal personality which needs everything neatly parallel and in order so that you can sleep deep. 

And it's a growthy areaaccounting laws are getting more complex, more international as the economies of the world begin to interlink, and governments change attitudes about tax and wealth. The world will need solid, skilled, disciplined account professionals more or less, forever. Which means that, if you get your degree and go through the appropriate steps, you have an excellent chance of being a CPA and finding the financial freedom that most people only dream about.