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General Practitioner

Physical Danger

Hey, you're not the one up there on that table! Actually, you are always at risk of picking up something that one of your patients has. (Doctor immunity though is real and powerful.) You will not have to worry about most of their ailments, however. For example, skinned knees are not contagious.

Other than that, you should live a pretty physically safe existence. You'll be making good money (assuming you can eventually cover all your debt), so you can afford to live in a safe neighborhood, and your doors and windows will be protected by ADT. You will have access to all of the best medicines should you fall ill yourself, and you will have the expertise to know exactly what you need to take and how often, so you'll never have to worry that some quack doctor is going to prescribe something incorrectly. Unless you happen to be that quack doctor, in which case...it was nice knowing you.