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Average Salary: $176,530

Expected Lifetime Earnings: $6,168,000

You are going to have a hard time paying off your medical school debt. We're just going to say that right up front.

On average, general practitioners make somewhere between $130k-$140k, which might sound like great money to you right now, as it would allow you to buy that new cell phone you've had your eye on. However, once you've racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, and have major expenses that regularly eat away at your "savings," it's going to feel like a pittance.

On the low end, you could be making only $100k-$110k, which will certainly not be enough to keep you afloat unless you graduated from Dirt Cheap University or at some point happened upon a briefcase filled with a million dollars. Some general practitioners make up to $200k, but they are rare. About as rare as happening upon a briefcase filled with a million dollars. Besides, that's probably mafia money. You should leave it alone.